PANA SPRAY Plus is a specially formulated, highly effective general handpiece and air motor lubricant. Frequent application of PANA SPRAY Plus will assure handpiece and air motor performance and durability. Apply PANA SPRAY Plus every time before autoclaving any handpiece or air motor.


  • PANA SPRAY Plus – 2020
    • Model:PANA SPRAY Plus
    • Order Code:Z182600

    For High & Low speed handpieces, and air motors
    Alcohol-contained lubricant
    Contains 480 mL each

  • PANA SPRAY Plus – 2020
    • Model:Phatelus Spray Nozzle
    • Order Code:P183090

    For High speed attachments and air motors which attach to Phatelus and Mach Couplings


KV NozzleZ090051For KaVo® MULTIflex® LUX
WH NozzleZ090054For W&H® Roto Quick (RQ Type)
WHL NozzleZ090059For W&H® Roto Quick (RA Type)
MWL NozzleZ090060For MIDWEST® 5-Hole Coupler
STL NozzleZ090061For StarDental® HiFlo® Fiber-Optic Swivel (4-Hole F.O.) Coupler
E-Type Spray NozzleZ019090For E-Type* attachments
F-Type Spray NozzleZ256090For ENDO-MATE TC2, DT, iSD900 Heads

*E-Type: Conformable to ISO3964.

Spray Mist Absorber

  • Spray Mist Absorber
    • Model:Spray Mist Absorber
    • Order Code:Y900084

    Pack of 10