The Future of the Dental Hygiene Handpiece

Ergonomic Design
Our slim and easy-to-grasp design is up to 15% lighter and 10% shorter than competitive handpieces and helps minimize hand fatigue.

Whisper Quiet
Patient comfort will be greatly enhanced with the iProphy Air's virtually silent operation.

The iProphy Air will work with all standard doriot style disposable or metal angles and connects directly to all 4-hole tubing.

Nosecone separates from motor

Technology & Function

iProphy Air

iProphy Air

  • Non-Optic
  • Model:iProphy Air
  • Order Code:M1020


  • Max Speed
  • 3,000 min-1


  • iPA-HP
  • iPA
  • iProphy Air Color Ring Set (Pack of 4)

Midwest 4 hole