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Reminders on Lubrication

Do you lubricate separate parts?

Lubricating the air and water circuit is not sufficient, thereforebe sure to lubricate the head and chuck as well. Disassemble handpiece whenever you can and lubricate part by part. It is highly recommended to carefully clean and lubricate handpieces used for polishing as polishing paste tends to get into the head part.

Do you lubricate separate parts?

If you connect a straight or contra-angle handpiece to micromotor soon after lubrication and place it on handpiece holder, this causes faulty operation of the micromotor since oil residue may penetrate into micromotors. Be sure to discharge excess oil by leaving lubricated handpieces straight up on NSK Multi Stand for a while or by using Care3 Plus's air blow function. Then, connect to micromotor and run for about 30 seconds. If you see excess oil still comes out of the front end of handpiece, wipe it off carefully and run it until you see no oil discharged. Oil on tooth surface may impede obtaining right treatment effects in teeth cleaning or filling procedures.